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MaxGo is a mobile app that complements Maxial which allows certain features of the desktop program to be used on an Apple or Android device.


Maxial Solutions offer a vast range of Hotel & Resort Management Solutions with features that can be individually tailored to fit your needs, with the flexibility to 'add on' other features in the future.

"10 Rooms, Rack rate, for 2 weeks, certainly....."

Maxial's Reservations module provides all the resources for quick, cost effective and efficient management of your rooms, availability, rates and revenue with strong package and group functionality along with:

  • Direct integration to Sales & Marketing, Guest Services, Guest History, City Ledger, Travel Agents, Activities and Front Office
  • Individual or complex Group Reservations (Constant or Variable Groups)
  • User definable reservations fields eting, Guest Services, Guest History, City Ledger, Travel Agents, Activities and Front Office
  • Individual or complex Group Reservations (Constant or Variable Groups)
  • User definable reservations fields
  • Auto loading of data directly from Sales & Marketing, Guest History and Travel Agent data makes loading return guests quick and efficient
  • Complete audit trail of all new reservations, cancellations and alterations to Individual and Group Reservations
  • Real time availability verification when taking or updating a reservation
  • Unlimited number of rooms, suite configuration, room rate codes and reservations
  • Ability to have dynamic rates and packages
  • Ability to cancel and reinstate in one function with real time availability verification
  • Multiple arrival and departure reports
  • Ability to repeat reservation information or copy from an existing reservation
  • Multi-room bookings can be easily added.
  • Overselling ability up to a user defined limit, whole hotel or by room type
  • Print Group Labels

"Know who you are checking in & complete it quickly....."

Maxial's Front Office module let's you know all your guest needs before they arrive with a comprehensive integrated Guest Services function and gives you all the tools to make their stay friendly and efficient with a minimum of effort by:

  • Direct integration with Sales & Marketing, Reservations, Guest Services, Guest History, Travel Agents, Maintenance, City Ledger, Activities, Housekeeping and Point of Sale
  • Express Individual and Group Check-ins
  • Real Time Interactive Front Office Booking Chart can give staff easy access to all guest in house, arrivals, departures and past bookings and allow them full rooms management in one screen
  • Flexible Rooms Management allows you to, Move a guest, Add & split sharers, add PABX names only, add or delete an extra room
  • Ease in allocating room numbers including auto allocation button which will fairly distribute for Trust properties
  • Automatic creation of Company Master Accounts
  • Automatic re-routing of charges/automatic recurring charges
  • Guest messages are active over entire system including POS
  • Guest Services feature which streamlines guests requests throughout the hotel
  • Offset corrections so they don't print on guest folio
  • Foreign Currency Exchange and Settlement
  • Express Individual Guest and Group check-out
  • Unlimited folio splitting
  • Ability to batch post transactions
  • Ability to do batch emails to guests prior or post stay
  • Ability to sms guests with unlimited number of preset texts set by the user.
  •  'No Shut Down' feature during Night Audit allows continual guest service with the ability to use all functions during the Night Audit process
  • Comprehensive Guest History functionality
  • Full Folio History functionality with ability to print past folios

"Who are they and where did they come from....."

Maxial Sales & Marketing module provides an enormous and diverse amount of information which can be used to analyze who your customers are and where they are coming from.

Included are:

  • Detailed Booking reports
  • Detailed Allotment analysis based on Sales Accounts
  • Ability to do comprehensive and flexible package plans
  • Forecast future business by Mireps and periods showing occupancy percentages and values
  • Materialization and productivity reporting by Sales accounts and Mirep categories
  • Detailed Sales Analysis reports by:
  • Group or Sales accounts
  • Room or Bed nights
  • Fiscal or Calendar periods
  • Activity by Current, MTD, YTD
  • Various sorting options
  • Marketing Information REPorting System (MIREPS) allows the user to create report in their desired format and allows the unlimited items broken down by: Market Segment(Business Type) Source(Email, Fax, Agent, OO8, etc)

"300 rooms, 98 checkouts, who's doing what....."

Maxial's Housekeeping and Maintenance modules ensure your guests are always in rooms that are well kept and gives you the tools to do it effectively and easily:

  • Real-time updates and displays of room status records
  • Individual maid room assignments
  • One step Automated assignments for multiple attendants
  • Allows the assignment of rooms to a team and not one attendant
  • Ability to update room status through telephone or television
  • Out of order functionality for individual rooms or whole floors or buildings
  • Historical data on all rooms maid assignments
  • Comprehensive Lost & Found functionality
  • Extensive and flexible range of reports 

"Now here is a system you can trust….."

If you require a trust system that gives you the flexibility and depth of product that large hotel operators enjoy coupled with a reliable trust accounting system then you must choose Maxial Trust Accounting and Property Management System.

  • The Trust Accounting system is a Property Management System for Strata-Titled Hotel, Resort or Apartment Properties.
  • The system automates the required financial control and reporting tasks that the property manager must undertake in the financial management of multiple owned suites or rooms
  • All expenses and income, commission due and payment to owners for each holding are automatically generated in the required format. This is the Integrated Maxial philosophy.
  • At Night Audit time, all room charges and any other nominated charges that were posted to a trust suite are passed to the suite's Guest Ledger in the Trust system.
  • Advance Deposits are easily processed by the system
  • All forms of payment can be utilised in this trust accounting system
  • City Ledger payments available.
  • Able to split folios for easy tracking of Accommodation and other payments.
  • Room moves are possible with Maxial Trust Accounting
  • Expenses can be charged to one or more owners in several ways
  • Cleaning expenses integrates with Front Office
  • Separate FF&E ledger
  • Generates payments to owners, suppliers, property manager and guests (refunds) from the Trust account
  • Remittance slips are provided
  • Easy change of ownership procedure
  • Manages letting pools where revenue is shared and distributed according to lot entitlements
  • Easy bank reconciliation
  • Three way reconciliation
  • Configurable owner statements that can be optionally emailed.

"Can you integrate with ...?"

With a mature product like Maxial you would expect a vast array of integrations. You won't be dissapointed!

Maxial can integrate to major suppliers of:

  • Web Booking Engines/Channel Managers
  • PABX Systems
  • Door Locking/Key Access
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Pay TV Systems
  • Internet Billing
  • Financials

"how much do they owe me....."

With Maxial's Accounts Receivable (City Ledger) being integrated directly with the Front Office, Point of Sale, Functions, Activities and General Ledger modules, it lets you keep control over a critical area for all businesses, how much money you are owed. Maxial's City Ledger gives you:

  • Full integration with the Guest Ledger (Front Office)
  • Unlimited number of accounts
  •  Ability to group customers for segmented reporting in all areas including Trial Balances
  • Trial balances available in detail and summary form
  • Ageing for 30, 60, 90, 120+ days
  • Open item accounting
  • Ability to review and correct all Guest Ledger postings before actually committing them to the City Ledger
  • Flexible invoice payments with ability to apply commissions and create on account payments
  • Configurable customer statements with logo
  • Emailing of customer statements
  • Gift Voucher facility to track your gift vouchers that you issue
  • Invoicing in Foreign Currency

"Pay them the right amount, with ease....."

Maxial's Accounts Payable module allows you to pay your accounts, simply, quickly and for the right amount. Being fully integrated with Maxial's purchasing and receiving modules means no re-keying of data and therefore eliminating re-keying errors. It gives you:

  • Full integration with Stock Control, Purchasing and General Ledger modules
  • Print Cheques automatically on pre-printed stationery
  • EFT Payments
  • Create unlimited number of suppliers
  • Able to create manual invoices
  • Multiple due date options for automated processing and ageing
  • Numerous reporting options including detailed and summary Trial Balances
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Accounts payable is a sub module of the Stock Module


"4,000+ items at the touch of a finger....."

Maxial's Touch screen Point of Sale has all the style, ease of use and functionality of other POS systems, and more, but at a fraction of the cost with the flexibility and benefits of.....

  • Over 4,000 key combinations giving huge variations in setup options available
  • Being extremely intuitive for ease of learning and fast to operate
  • Fully auditable with password access optional on key control functions
  • All waiters can be set up with their own personal access allowing greater control over features such as cashiering, voiding, cancelling and changing of prices and quantities
  • Specials feature allows the addition of items that are unique and allows the addition of adding a quantity of how many of the specials are available
  • Unlimited number of Outlets, waiters and cashiers available
  • Barcode scanner compatible
  • Colour coded easy to use Restaurant booking system with flexible floor plan maintenance
  • Unlimited check splitting
  • Detailed recipe ingredients and prep instruction, great for bar staff who forget how to
  • Future menus can be designed and set for auto go live for nominated dates and times
  • Able to settle with full range of payment methods including foreign currency and room charging
  • Choice of thermal roll dockets or pre-printed stationery customer bills
  • Support of automatic EFTPOS cash out adjustments to cashiers banks
  • Foreign exchange standard feature in settlement options
  • Direct printing to kitchen printers
  • Direct relationship with Maxial's comprehensive Stock Control, Front Office and Accounting modules
  • Full inventory stock decrementation and item ingredient substitution based on POS sales
  • Full sales reporting and enquiries
  • Full range of site configurable features means each individual outlet can be individually structured for exactly the required outlet operation
  • Setup for more complex restaurant operation, or streamlined fast bar operation with either having barcode scanner capability or settings for POS Manager
  • Set all security and access options
  • Security controls to set access for staff in relation to:
      • Reprinting checks
      • Voiding items and checks
      • Entering unlisted or 'open' items
      • Changing selling price
      • Entering negative quantities
  • Total integration to Maxial's Material Management, Front Office, General Ledger systems, means all online data is available in both directions
  • Recipe designs draws on material management data for the latest costing information
  • Accurate and effective menu engineering with recipe cost percentages on sell price while entering recipe
  • Fast drag and drop menu design using complete library of existing recipes
  • Command buttons in menu design allowing user to design the layout of the payment, save, print and other important buttons
  • Full recipe ingredient and detailed preparation instructions are available to the POS user
  • Date based menus implementation, means you have single or multiple future menus ready for when they are needed
  • Full range of reports available for daily/monthly/yearly management reports
  • All activities within POS have detailed reports available, with each having the options to select the period/outlet being reported on

"the lounge bar needs a 1960 grange hermitage, ring all the outlets and stores, see if you can find one…… not any more, at any time know exactly how many you have and exactly where they are"

Maxial's Stock Control module lets you have full control over all stock areas and control your costs, F&B, stationery, housekeeping, uniforms, light bulbs, keep track of everything you use to run your property effectively with improved controls and costs.

  • Unlimited number of items, stockrooms, categories, types
  • Variety of codes to allow multiple variations on sorting, categorising and reporting
  • Purchase Requisition sub module converting requisitions to purchase orders
  • Fully featured purchasing and receiving sub modules
  • "Purchase Lists" automate the purchasing process creating pre-defined "shopping lists' simply enter the quantities
  • Unit of Measure conversion from ordering to consumption
  • Configurable purchase order print layout
  • Multiple level approval process for purchase orders
  • FIFO and Average costing options
  • Non stock items can be purchased with full descriptions
  • Automatic re-order reports based on user defined par stock levels
  •  Automated stock decrementation based on POS sales
  • Automated steps in receiving allow for quick receiving which then flows directly to accounts payable
  • Item enquiry showing the real time on hand amounts in all outlets and store rooms with drill down to item transactions
  • Stocktakes are exported to spreadsheets for easy distribution and data entry – results are imported back into the stock system
  • Full range on analytical reports such as:
    • Item requirements
    • Daily stock receipts
    • Orders past due delivery date
    • Stocktake cost analysis reports
    • Shrinkage & variance reports
  • Get statistics on usage with period, this year and last year to date quantities or dollar values of purchases by item or vendor
  • Foreign Currency ordering, invoicing and payments

"A 'T' shape set up in the ballroom, 200 delegates, morning & afternoon tea, lunch, dinner,
AV equipment & accommodation for 75 pax.... "

Maxial's Functions module lets you effortlessly cater for all the whims and wants of the most demanding group coordinator with features like:

  • Dynamic Functions Booking Chart/ Availability Screen :
      • Intuitive display shows which functions have booked what rooms
      • Display can be for one day to several months at a time
      • Supports dragging and resizing of events across rooms and dates
      • Custom availability messages
  • Functions Today screen :
      • Keeps all relevant functions and reminders at your finger tips
      • Can be configured so that each sales consultant only sees information relevant to them
  • Packages and templates :
      • Create pre-defined delegate packages for quick and easy preparation of quotations
      • Letters can be set up as templates with automation to email
  • Flexible quotations and invoicing :
      • Configurable Quotes and Invoices produced instantly with options to print or email
      • A single function may be comprised of many events spanning several days
      • Invoicing can be a single invoice, or split to cater for progressive payments or separate payers
      • Invoices can be settled by cash or transferred to a front desk folio or city ledger account
  • Extensive set ups :
      • Unlimited function rooms
      • Multiple room set up styles, room purposes and function types
      • Set up and breakdown times built into each set up style
  • Comprehensive menu creations :
      • Menus for food, beverage, equipment and special services
      • Costs based on various unit of measures
      • Each menu can have its own formatted inclusions list that appears on the BEO or quotation
  • Detailed Reports and Enquiries including forecasting

"Oops, forgot to pickup that guest, not anymore...."

Maxial's Activity module enables you to book and control activities from a single tennis court to a full blown tour desk with 3rd party tours, activities or segments. Fully integrated with Maxial Reservations and Front Office, never lose a booking or customer again. The Activities module provides:

  • Dedicated booking chart to that allows to :
      • View your activity availability, in line with rooms availability if required
      • Create new bookings
      • Manage existing bookings
      • Adjust day to day capacities
  • Multiple seasonal rates can be created for each activity
  • Activity capacity tracking
  • Integrates with packages created in Front Office
  • Configurable pickup locations
  • Creation and printing of Manifest reports for all activities
  • Bookings can be generated from multiple modules: Activities, Front Office or Reservations
  • Activity bookings can be linked to Front Office bookings
  • Payment to an in-house room, by multiple credit cards, cash, to a Maxial City Ledger account or covered as part of a Front Office package component
  • Customized tickets / vouchers can be printed on a roll printer or laser printer
  • Forecasted bookings and revenue by date range and by activity
  • Commission generation

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Maxial is an specialist of world class hotel management software solutions.

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Comprise leading edge, functionally rich standards-based applications, backed by full implementation and support services from a team of dedicated professionals with a rich pedigree in hotel industry implementations.

Few significant software products can boast a lineage going back more than a decade, yet the Maxial solution has evolved for more than quarter of a century. Even so, it is still as modern as tomorrow. Continued investment, plus deep market experience, make Maxial a fully functioned hotel/resort management system.

Our Product

Maxial has an extensive international customer base, and is committed to ongoing development and success through delivering to market expectations of functionality, service and current technologies.

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Our promise is to exceed customer expectations by providing world class, quality property management solutions with unequalled commitment to customer service, support and ongoing development.

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